St. Louis History

Historic Anheuser-Busch Brewery

If while you were traveling you told someone that you were from "St. Louis", the first thing they might ask you is, "Isn't the Arch in St. Louis?" It is a St. Louis landmark that is recognized worldwide, but few people outside the St. Louis area, and probably a good amount in it, don't realize that the correct name for the "Arch" is the "Gateway Arch" and that it is also part of a National Park called the "Jefferson National Expansion Memorial".

From the early Native Americans that settled in the area to the French explorers and fur traders, European emigrants and freed slaves that came to make their fortunes or find a better life, the story of the Arch is all about memorializing the big part the city of St. Louis played in the westward expansion of the United States. The history of the St. Louis area is a rich one. Sometimes mirroring what was happening nation wide and at other times very distinct in what occurred here. Below are links to brief snapshots of that rich history.

1904 Olympics in St Louis
1904 Olympics in St Louis - The 1904 Summer Olympics were held at the newly built Washington University campus on what is now Francis Field. - More Info Tags:
1904 Worlds Fair in St Louis
1904 Worlds Fair in St Louis - The 1904 World's Fair, also know as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, was held in Forest Park in St Louis. - More Info Tags:
African American History - St Louis and the surrounding Metropolitan area is rich with African American history. - More Info Tags:
Lindbergh Relay Station in Godfrey Illinois
Aviation History in St Louis - The St Louis area has a long history as being very important in the development of aviation and aeronautics. - More Info Tags:
Breweries and the Prohibition Era in St Louis
Breweries and the Prohibition Era in St Louis - St Louis Breweries were affected greatly by the Prohibition Era. - More Info Tags:
Camp Jackson Affair - The Civil War came to the state of Missouri with the event known as the "Camp Jackson Affair." - More Info Tags:
Civil War in St Louis - The citizens of St Louis were divided during the Civil War. Missouri was a "slave state" still loyal to the United States of America and at the same time trying to remain neutral during the Civil War. The war ultimately came to the city and Missouri in what is known as the Camp Jackson Affair. - More Info Tags:
Daniel Boone's Home
Daniel Boone and Westward Expansion - Daniel Boone and his family were one of many immigrants that came to the St Louis area from Kentucky and Tennessee and contributed to the westward expansion of our nation. - More Info Tags:
Dred Scott Case - Dred Scott was a slave living in St Louis who filed a legal suit for his and his wife, Harriet's, freedom at the St Louis Old Courthouse. - More Info Tags:
Early Native Americans - The Piasa Bird painted on the bluffs near Alton, Illinois and the Cahokia Mounds found in Cahokia Illinois are reminders that the St Louis area had been populated long before the first French explorers landed on the banks of the Mississippi River. - More Info Tags:
Holy Family Catholic Church in Cahokia
French Creole Influence - The St Louis Metropolitan area was first settled by French explorers and fur trappers. Many of communities on both sides of the Mississippi River have historical remnants of the French Creole's influence on the area. - More Info Tags:
History of Education in St Louis - Early education in St Louis owes its start to the Catholic church. - More Info Tags:
Lewis and Clark statue in Frontier Park
Lewis and Clark Expedition - Many exploration expeditions left from St Louis. The most famous of them all was the Lewis and Clark Expedition that left St Louis on May 14, 1804. - More Info Tags:
The Gateway to the West
Louisiana Purchase - The Louisiana Purchase nearly doubled the land of the United States and opened the territory to westward expansion with the city of St Louis acting as the "gateway." - More Info Tags:
Missouri State Capital
Missouri Statehood - Missouri is admitted to the Union on August 10,1821 becoming the 24th state. - More Info Tags:
Pierre Laclede
Pierre Laclede-Founder of St Louis - Pierre Laclede, a Frenchman from New Orleans, founded the city of St Louis as a trading post for fur traders. - More Info Tags:
Plagues, Fires and Natural Disasters - St Louis overcame several serious plagues and devastating natural disasters in its past. - More Info Tags:
St. Louis Union Station
Railroads Come to St. Louis - Eventually the railroad came to St. Louis and replaced the steamboat as the means of transporting people and goods. - More Info Tags:
Route 66 - Historic Route 66, nicknamed the "Mother Road," came through St Louis on its way from its beginning in Chicago and continued all the way to its ending at the Pacific coast in Southern California at Santa Monica. A total of 2,448 miles! - More Info Tags:
Underground Railroad - The Underground Railroad was in operation in the St Louis area for many years. - More Info Tags:
Wood River Massacre Memorial
Wood River Massacre Memorial - The Wood River Massacre Memorial is located in Alton Illinois, near the location of the massacre of 7 people in 1814 by a band of renegade Indians. - More Info Tags: 62002, Alton Illinois
World War 1 in St. Louis
World War I and St. Louis - Information on World War I and the part St. Louis played in it. - More Info Tags:
World War 2 in St Louis
World War II and St Louis - Information on World War II and the part St Louis played in it. - More Info Tags:

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