Historic Structures in St. Louis

There are many historic structures in the St. Louis area, some of them even representing the few of their kind that are still remaining in the United States. The water towers that dot the St. Louis landscape are examples of this. Out of the seven water towers that are still in existence in the entire United States, St. Louis is home to three. St. Louis is also home to many "firsts". The Eads Bridge is one of them. Built in 1874, it was the first bridge to use cantilevers and pneumatic caissons in the nation. So what is the distinction between a historic structure and a historic building? A "building" is something that is lived in or worked in. A "structure" is everything else that is built. Below is a list of some of the historic structures in the area.

Bissell Water Tower

Bissell Water Tower - The Bissell Water Tower was completed in 1886 and stands 194-feet tall. Being built in a Victorian architectural style, it is thought to have influenced some of the styles of the surrounding buildings. - More Info - Tags: 63107, college-hill-neighborhood, historic, landmark, missouri, st-louis-city-info, stlcity, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63107,City of St Louis Missouri

Brooks Catsup Bottle

Brooks Catsup Bottle - The Brooks Catsup Bottle, located in Collinsville Illinois, is the world's largest Catsup Bottle! It was also named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. An annual festival is held in July. - More Info - Tags: 62234, attractions, collinsville, featured, historic, illinois, july, landmark, madison, madison-county-info, st-louis-summer-things-to-do, structure, summer, ttd, ziphome - Public Tags: 62234,Collinsville Illinois

Chain of Rocks Bridge

Chain of Rocks Bridge-Route 66 Bikeway - The old Chain of Rocks Bridge, once the route of Historic Route 66, has been transformed into the Route 66 Bikeway that is a little over a 1 mile long paved trail on the bridge, crossing the Mississippi River and connecting the St. Louis Riverfront Trail with the MCT Confluence Trail (via Chain of Rocks Road) in Illinois. - More Info - Tags: 62040, 63137, attractions, biking, family, featured, granite-city, historic, historic-route-66, illinois, kids, madison, madison-county-illinois-recreation, madison-county-info, missouri, national-register, northside, recreation, riverview-neighborhood, st-louis-city-info, stlcity, structure, ttd, ziphome - Public Tags: 62040,63137,City of St Louis Missouri,Granite City Illinois,Recreation

Compton Hill Water Tower

Compton Hill Water Tower - The Compton Hill Water Tower is the "newest" of the three water towers located in the city of St Louis. Built in 1898, the tower has been totally restored to it former beauty. It is located in the 36-acre Reservoir Park and is the only tower that is still accessible. - More Info - Tags: 63104, attractions, compton-heights-neighborhood, featured, historic, landmark, missouri, southside, st-louis-city-info, stlcity, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63104,City of St Louis Missouri

Eads Bridge in early morning fog

Eads Bridge St. Louis - The Eads Bridge was opened to traffic in 1874 and is named after its designer, James Buchanan Eads, who was also the designer and builder of the "ironclad" gun boats during the Civil War. - More Info - Tags: 63102, downtown, historic, illinois, landmark, missouri, riverfront, st-louis-city-info, stlcity, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63102,City of St Louis Missouri,Downtown St Louis

Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument

Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument - The Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument is located at the Alton Cemetery and was placed to honor the outspoken and martyred abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy who is buried there. - More Info - Tags: 62002, about, african-american, alton, attractions, featured, historic, illinois, madison, structure - Public Tags: 62002,Alton Illinois

Grand Water Tower

Grand Water Tower - The Grand Water Tower was built to look like a Corinthian column. It is 154-feet tall and was completed in 1871. - More Info - Tags: 63107, about, college-hill-neighborhood, historic, landmark, missouri, st-louis-city-info, stlcity, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63107,City of St Louis Missouri

River Des Peres in St Louis

River Des Peres in St Louis - The River des Peres is a river that has been channelized and functions as a combined sanitary sewer and storm drain. It runs from Forest Park to the Mississippi River. - More Info - Tags: 63125, about, historic, missouri, river, southco, stlcity, stlco, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63125,City of St Louis Missouri

Sandy Creek Bridge State Historic Site

Sandy Creek Bridge State Historic Site - The Sandy Creek Bridge is a State Historic Site. It was built in 1872 and is one of 4 covered bridges that still remains in Missouri. It is located near Goldman Missouri in Jefferson County. - More Info - Tags: 63050, about, attractions, featured, historic, jefferson, jefferson-county-info, landmark, missouri, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63050

Water Intake Towers on the Mississippi River

Water Intake Towers on the Mississippi River - The historic Water Intake Towers, located just north of the city of St Louis on the Mississippi River, were built around the turn of the 20th century and are still in use today by the St Louis Water Works. - More Info - Tags: 63137, about, buildings, historic, landmark, missouri, stlcity, structure, ziphome - Public Tags: 63137,City of St Louis Missouri

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