Katherine Dunham Museum

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Katherine Dunham Museum

Katherine Dunham Museum

The Katherine Dunham Museum, located in East St Louis in the Pennsylvania Historic District in a landmark home, features the extensive collections of Katherine Dunham and her husband, John Pratt. The displays of these collections include costumes, photographs, mementos and more of Miss Dunham's career as a dancer, choreographer, actress and teacher. The museum also exhibits the more than 250 African and Caribbean art pieces that Miss Dunham collected from over 50 countries.

Visit the Katherine Dunham Museum

Visiting the museum is free for individuals but a fee is charged for groups or private tours. An appointment is necessary. Call for appointment

Katherine Dunham Museum Address and Phone Numbers

Katherine Dunham Museum
1005 Pennsylvania Avenue
East St Louis, IL 62201

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The Katherine Dunham Museum in East St Louis
The Katherine Dunham Museum in East St Louis
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