Lincoln County Middle Schools

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Lincoln County Middle Schools

Below is a list of some of the middle schools located in Lincoln County Missouri. Several public school districts serve the residents of the county. Those include Winfield, Lincoln County, Elsberry and Silex school districts. Several private middle schools are also located in the county.

Ida Cannon Middle School - Information on Ida Cannon Middle School located in Elsberry Missouri - More Info - Tags: 63343, about, education, elsberry, elsberry-r2-school-district, lincoln, middle, missouri, public, schools - Public Tags: 63343,Elsberry Missouri

Immaculate Conception School in Old Monroe Missouri - Information on Immaculate Conception School located in Old Monroe Missouri - More Info - Tags: 63369, about, catholic, education, lincoln, missouri, old-monroe, private, schools, middle - Public Tags: 63369,Old Monroe Missouri

Sacred Heart School in Troy Missouri - Information on Sacred Heart School located in Troy Missouri - More Info - Tags: 63379, about, catholic, education, lincoln, missouri, private, schools, troy, middle - Public Tags: 63379,Troy Missouri

St. John the Baptist School in Villa Ridge Missouri - Information on St. John the Baptist School located in Villa Ridge Missouri - More Info - Tags: 63089, about, catholic, education, lincoln, middle, missouri, private, schools, villa-ridge - Public Tags: 63089,Villa Ridge Missouri

Troy Middle School - Information on Troy Middle School located in Troy Missouri - More Info - Tags: 63379, about, education, lincoln, lincoln-county-r-3-school-district, middle, missouri, public, schools, troy - Public Tags: 63379,Troy Missouri

Winfield Middle School - Information on Winfield Middle School located in Winfield Missouri - More Info - Tags: 63389, about, education, lincoln, middle, missouri, public, schools, winfield, winfield-school-district - Public Tags: 63389,Winfield Missouri

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