Felix Valle State Historic Site

Felix Valle State Historic Site

The Felix Valle State Historic Site is located in Sainte Genevieve Missouri and is within the National Historic Landmark District located there. The Site features several buildings including the Felix Valle House. The native limestone home was built in 1818 in the Federal style of architecture as a residence and a mercantile store for Jacob Philipson who later sold the house to Jean Baptiste Valle. Jean Baptiste Valle's fourth son, Felix Valle, eventually became the owner of the home in 1835. The residential part of the building and store have been restored to the period of Felix Valle ownership. The other buildings on the site includes the Dr. Benjamin Shaw House and the Amoureux House.

Visit Felix Valle State Historic Site

A guided tour of the site is included with the admission price. The Site is open daily June through mid-August and on weekends mid-August through May.

Felix Valle State Historic Site Address and Phone Numbers

Felix Valle State Historic Site
198 Merchant Street
Sainte Genevieve, Missouri 63670

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