Wellston Missouri

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City of Wellston Missouri

Wellston Missouri

The City of Wellston Missouri is located in Mid St Louis County and lies along the western edge of the St Louis City limits. Going west from Downtown St Louis, Wellston is about 25 minute drive via Page Avenue or about a 20 minute drive using Interstate 70 and Kienlen Avenue. Important roads for the community are Plymouth Avenue, Page Avenue, Stephen Jones Avenue, Martin Luther King Drive, Kienlen Avenue, Lucas & Hunt Road, Evergreen Avenue and others. The City of Wellston was officially incorporated in 1949 and in 2010 the city had a population of 2,313 residents.

Wellston Schools

The community of Wellston is served by Normandy School District. This public school district has one early childhood center, five elementary schools, one middle school, the Normandy Positive Alternative School and Normandy High School. Normandy High School lies within the city's boundaries.

Wellston Missouri Address and Phone Numbers

Wellston Missouri City Hall
1414 Evergreen Ave
Wellston, MO 63133

Police: 314-553-8010
Public Works: 314-389-4432
Municipal Court: 314-553-8002

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Wellston Missouri
Wellston Missouri
Wellston Missouri Community Center
Wellston Missouri Community Center
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