When one talks about St. Louis and beer in the same conversation, one is surely going to talk about the "King of Beers" - Budweiser and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery located in Downtown St. Louis. But St. Louis is also becoming a place where the local "microbrewery" has huge fans as well!

Technically, a microbrewery is a brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer per year, with the majority (75%) of its sales being off site and a brewpub is a restaurant-brewery that brews the majority of its beer for sale in the restaurant. That being said, St. Louis has several excellent microbreweries and brewpubs and the number keeps growing! Some of them include Schlafy's two locations, the Tap Room in downtown St. Louis and the Bottleworks in Maplewood. The Trailhead Brewery which is located in Historic St Charles and the Morgan Street Brewery that is located on the St. Louis Riverfront in Historic Laclede's Landing. And the list keeps growing!

Check below for the one that suits your taste! Let us know of one you have discovered!

Charleville Vineyard Winery and Microbrewery

Charleville Vineyard Winery and Microbrewery - The Charleville Vineyard Winery and Microbrewery is located in Ste Genevieve Missouri. - More Info - Tags: 63670, about, day-trips, featured, microbrewery, missouri, sainte-genevieve, stegenevieve, winery, ziphome - Public Tags: 63670,Sainte Genevieve Missouri

Ferguson Brewing Company

Ferguson Brewing Company - The Ferguson Brewing Company is located in Old Town Ferguson Missouri, in a renovated 1927 building. This microbrewery features 10 beers crafted on location, as well as other locally brewed beers and an extensive restaurant menu. - More Info - Tags: 63135, about, ferguson, microbrewery, missouri, northco, stlco, ziphome - Public Tags: 63135,Ferguson Missouri

Morgan Street Brewery St Louis

Morgan Street Brewery St Louis - Information on the Morgan Street Brewery which is located in historic Laclede's Landing in one of the oldest buildings there. - More Info - Tags: 63102, microbrewery, missouri, stlcity, ziphome - Public Tags: 63102,City of St Louis Missouri

Schlafly Bottleworks

Schlafly Bottleworks - The Schlafly Bottleworks is a microbrewery located in Maplewood Missouri. It offers tours of the brewery and a location for private parties. - More Info - Tags: 63143, about, maplewood, microbrewery, midco, missouri, stlco, ziphome - Public Tags: 63143,Maplewood Missouri

Schlafly Tap Room

Schlafly Tap Room - The Schlafly Tap Room is a microbrewery that brews 10 regular beers and several seasonal beers. It also has live entertainment and an extensive dining menu. It is located in the city of St Louis Missouri. - More Info - Tags: 63103, about, microbrewery, missouri, stlcity, ziphome - Public Tags: 63103,City of St Louis Missouri

Trailhead Brewery in St Charles

Trailhead Brewery in St Charles - Information on Trailhead Brewery located in historic St Charles Missouri. Traihead Brewery features handcrafted beers brewed on site. - More Info - Tags: 63301, microbrewery, missouri, st-charles, stcharles, ziphome - Public Tags: 63301,St Charles City

More St Louis Microbreweries

Bias Winery - Bias Winery is located in Berger Missouri and also operates the Gruhlke Microbrewery. They grow their own grapes and produce their own wines from those grapes. - More Info - Tags: 63014, about, berger, day-trips, franklin, franklin-county-info, hermann-wine-trail, microbrewery, missouri, winery, ziphome - Public Tags: 63014,Berger

O'Fallon Brewery - The O'Fallon Brewery is located in St. Charles County Missouri. While it does not sell directly to the public, its beer can be purchased in local stores and distributors. Tours of the facility are available on Saturdays by reservation. - More Info - Tags: 63366, missouri, stcharles, ofallon, microbrewery, about - Public Tags: 63366,O'Fallon Missouri

Square One Brewery and Distillery - The Square One Brewery and Distillery is located in the Historic Lafayette Square Neighborhood in St Louis Missouri. It features a rotating beer menu that draws from over 50 kinds of beers brewed on location. Square One also has a dining room with a lunch and dinner menu as well as breakfast on Sunday. - More Info - Tags: 63104, about, lafayette-square, microbrewery, missouri, stlcity, ziphome - Public Tags: 63104,City of St Louis Missouri

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