Marthasville, Missouri

Marthasville, Missouri is a city located in Warren County. Located along the Missouri River off of Highway 94, Marthasville is just over an hours drive from Downtown St. Louis via Interstate 44 to Highway 100 through Washington Missouri or via Interstate 64 and Highways 94 or D. Important roads for the city include Highway 94 and 47, Highway D and O, Bluff Road, Loop Road, Main Street and others.

Marthasville History

The City of Marthasville was officially incorporated in 1920 but was platted by Dr. John Young over a hundred years earlier in June of 1817. Dr. Young named the new town after his wife Martha. The small town of Marthasville has an amazing history because of a famous frontiersman that came to live in the area in 1799. That famous person was Daniel Boone! Daniel, his wife Rebecca, his sons and daughters and their spouses, along with many other Kentuckians, settled in the area that was at that time owned by the Spanish and was part of the Louisiana Territory.

One of the Boone daughters, Jemima and her husband, Flanders Callaway, built a large two story log home in the village of Charette, which is almost the same location of the present day Marthasville. The Boones lived with the Callaways at different times and it was in this home that Rebecca Boone died in 1813. The Callaway home has since been moved and reconstructed at the Boonesfield Village near Defiance, off of Highway F, which adjoins the historic home of another of Boone's children, Nathan Boone, where Daniel died in 1820. Rebecca was the first person to be buried in the Boone and Bryan family cemetery located on a hill just east of Marthasville. Daniel was eventually buried there as well.

Interestingly, there is a controversy as to whether the Boones are still buried in Marthasville or are buried in Kentucky. In 1845, some Kentuckians came to collect the Boones' remains to be re-interred in Frankfort, Kentucky. But, there is a question as to whether the remains they took were actually the Boones' because the graves just might have been marked wrong! Both cemeteries claim they have the remains of Daniel and Rebecca Boone. The Boone and Bryan family cemetery is maintained by the "Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri" and can be visited.

Marthasville was also the last stopping point in "white civilization" for the Lewis and Clark Expedition as they went west in May of 1804. The expedition was very happy when they came to Marthasville on the return trip in September of 1806.

Marthasville Schools

Today, the residents of Marthasville are served by two public school districts, the Francis Howell School District and the School District of Washington. The public school that is located in the city is the Marthasville Elementary School which is part of the School District of Washington. Two private schools are also in Marthasville, Saint Ignatius Loyola School and Saint Vincent de Paul School, both Catholic preschool through 8th grade schools.

Marthasville - Katy Trail Access

Marthasville has a trailhead to the Katy Trail State Park located on Depot Street. The Katy Trail is a flat trail paved with small gravel that follows the old route of the MKT Railroad along the Missouri River. Visitors to the trail can access the park at any trailhead along its 225 mile stretch. The eastern end of the trail is in St. Charles Missouri and the western end is in Clinton Missouri with Marthasville being one of the 43 towns in between!

Marthasville, Missouri Address and Phone Numbers

Marthasville Missouri City Hall
402 East Main Street
Marthasville, MO 63357

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