Illinois Hiking

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Illinois Hiking

Besides the parks listed below, many of the Metro East biking trails make great trails to hike!

Chouteau Island

Chouteau Island - Chouteau Island is a group of three islands just north of Downtown St Louis in the Mississippi River on the Illinois side. It features a multi-use gravel trail for hiking, biking and horseback riding. - More Info - Tags: 62040, hiking, illinois, madison, madison-county-illinois-recreation, madison-county-info - Public Tags: 62040,Hiking,Recreation

Horseshoe Lake State Park

Horseshoe Lake State Park - Horseshoe Lake State Park has four miles of hiking trails that wander through the natural area on the island. The park is located near Granite City in Madison County Illinois. - More Info - Tags: 62040, about, granite-city, hiking, illinois, madison - Public Tags: 62040,Granite City Illinois,Hiking,Recreation

Pere Marquette State Park

Pere Marquette State Park - Pere Marquette State Park, the largest Illinois state park with 8035 acres, features several trails that are half a mile or less in length. Four additional trails are each 1 mile or more in length and are rated as "moderate" in difficulty. Those are the Goat Cliff Trail - 1.5 miles in length, Hickory North is 1 mile, Hickory South is 1.5 miles and Fern Hollow Trail is 2.5 miles long. The park is located in Jersey County in Grafton Illinois. - More Info - Tags: 62037, about, hiking, illinois, jersey - Public Tags: 62037,Hiking,Recreation